About Us

Welcome To The About Us Page!

Firstly, welcome to the Print Me Pretty website, founded in 2020 by a young mum from Essex (that’s me) Selina-Louise.

I’m Selina-Louise; a 23 year old from Essex, United Kingdom. I’m a mother to one beautiful little boy called Logan. My dream is to have my own business (here we are!). The reason I started Print Me Pretty is because I myself am a huge home and lifestyle lover. I love all things home - I built up a following on instagram by posting photos and videos of my little flat (Instagram: @selinalouise_x). Since then, the last twelve months have been a whirlwind to say the least! I set up the business to give people the opportunity to design their own art work and typography for their home. I love being creative and I’m a fan of quotes that motivate me; you can't go wrong with prints! Over the coming months I am hoping to offer services for other businesses, such as business cards, flyers and other printables. 

I’m building this little business myself to give me and my son a better life, to be successful and make him proud. I want to show him anything is possible and if you work hard enough, and want something bad enough, you can certainly achieve anything you put your all into.

I hope you love what I’ve created, and that you enjoy your experience with Print Me Pretty UK. I appreciate all the support; it truly means the world to us both.